Emblems of Home.

 If you ask a hundred people to describe what ‘Home’ is to them you are guaranteed a variety of responses and that’s simply because we all see an element of ‘Home’ in different things throughout our lives and within our surroundings. In a city as old and as culturally detailed as Lisbon, it’s easy to imagine all the wonderful things people would consider to be their emblems of ‘Home’. Here is an account of the various things I have seen throughout my time here so far that I would regard as examples of cherishable things linked to Lisbon as a ‘Home’:




It’s young love found crossing a busy street in Chiado. It’s the humble musician/vendedor sharing his talents with the community. It’s the locals who fill the coloured houses with teracotta rooftops. It’s the Castelo that can be seen proudly flying a Portuguese flag so prominently at the peak of the hill.



It’s the typical Fado music of Lisboa. (those are real people btw :P)


It’s the cheeky little old neighbourhood women who sit outside every afternoon and gossip the day away.


It’s the humble artist who’s too engrossed in captivating the essence of the city to know he’s being watched.Image


It’s time taken to appreciate all the finer details of a beautiful landscape.


It’s being able to share a simple, meal in the simplest of café’s with your best friend, your lover, your other half. It’s having years of milage with the old ‘ball and chain’ (lol) and still being able to laugh together. It’s specifically choosing to sit beside each other to feel close. It’s an aged love that still appears so novel. (Seriously guys this married couple were just far too cute, they had to be included in this post! They were sat so closely together the whole time just laughing like teenagers at everything, even people passing by outside LOL! Love love to them! :’)




It’s the ringing of the trams, it’s the beeping of impatient drivers. – (The driving here is actually ridik! If I make it out of here without one accident I deserve a prize and will definitely count my lucky stars! If you’re thinking of visiting Lisbon be very aware that the drivers here pay NO attention to pedestrian crossings or pedestrians in general for that matter lol)


CascaisLisboa-20130802-00552 Lisboa-20130807-00615 Lisboa-20130808-00684 Lisboa-20130808-00655 Lisboa-20130810-00832




Lisboa-20130802-00548 Lisboa-20130809-00699 Almada-20130809-00754HOME IS IMPECCABLE ARCHITECTURE AND PERFECT LIGHTING.Image


 It’s the way everywhere looks congested with playful colours and buildings at different heights and sizes but still feels so bright and open. It’s the way the sun neglects the streets at sunset and highlights all the beautiful houses and monuments. It’s the people who gather in the shadows every evening to watch the sun fall to sleep behind the River Tejo.



When I think of home, I think of you. And when I miss home, every part of me misses you. For so long you’ve been my home away from home and without either of you I’m at a loss.   Just like you used to get home sick every time we’d leave and I was there to keep you sane, I’ve needed that too. I saw home in you because anywhere with you was safe. Anywhere with you was joy. Anywhere with you was wholesome. It was companionship. It was warmth. It was authentic. It was……right. That it was.


10 thoughts on “Emblems of Home.

      • Oh ok, I wish we could trade places! I miss home a lot already lol. I can see from your blog that you are enjoying it here which is really good! Espero que depois de mais tempo eu possa desfrutar minha experiencia aqui também. Acho que Lisboa e muito bonito, mas sozinha não é tao desfrutável. Tal vez é por isso que não esteja muito feliz aqui. Não sei :/

      • Sim! Isso é! Nao tenho feito amigos aqui ainda. Tenho estado aqui por um mes e ainda não tenho sido capaz de conhecer pessoas da minha idade, isto é o problemo, mas espero que vá mudar depois de um pouco mais tempo aqui. Olha! vamos ver! 😛

      • Estou com o mesmo problema! Acho que as pessoas em Portugal são velhas… Hahaha! Vou fazer um Free Walking Tour no sábado. É um tour por Alfama e parece ser bem legal, pois o guia reune pessoas de vários hostels! Se quiser, vem comigo! O encontro é às 10h30 na Praça do Rossio!

  1. Hahaha! De verdade, todos os jovens desapareceram! Ah it’s a shame I only just saw this reply now otherwise it would have been nice to go with you. Minha casa fica perto de Alfama. I’m going out tonight to a place called Lux, conhece-o? Voce quer vir tambem?

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