Quick Cheeky Post…

Here’s food for thought….



Whilst in the cab on my way to Oeiras to meet friends tonight I passed by an interesting building. I saw the word ‘Tranquilidade‘ and it immediately appealed to me as it reminded me of  what I need to achieve and then sustain within myself- tranquility and peace of mind. So much has happened already since I have come to Lisbon, both good and bad and today life seemed to want to show me various things to let me know all would be ok in due time. I’ve officially adopted it as one of my favourite words! …Well that and ‘caralho’ (which is a very bad word! Disclaimer! Please do not try this at home!- or on any Portuguese friends, -and if you do, you didn’t hear it from me! =P) 

(This is a random late post, I still have plenty more pics and info about my days here to post so stay tuned and bear with me because you will never know what this 9-5 life does to me!…it’s worth the wait, stories include getting lost 3 times in 20minutes -____- and slipping and tripping all over the gaff. Seriously the pavements here are ridiculous.)