Words Of The Day

Ok so for those of you who don’t know, I am currently in my third year of university studying a Hispanic Studies and Portuguese degree. Third year also known as our ‘Year Abroad’ requires all language students to live and work/study in a foreign country as to why I have moved to Lisbon, Portugal for 7months. Besides all the other amazing aspects of character building this experience offers me, the main motive of this journey is predominantly to learn Portuguese. Sooo, to help keep me motivated and also to share a small piece of my experience with the lingo with you, I thought it would be an idea to create a page that allows you guys to see snippets of my progress with the Portuguese language and what better way to do that than to post an array of new words I learn on a day to day basis! I’m currently working as an intern for the British-Portuguese Chamber of Commerce (O Comericio Luso-Britânico) so it’s kind of difficult to learn effectively when everyone in the office switches between English and Portuguese within one conversastion, in which case I do my best to dedicate at least 30minutes of my time at work to catching up on the latest, reading magazines such as…

Essential AlgarveEssential Algarve

(Gastronomia, vinhos, moda, carros, viagens e muito mais)

I’d say magazines like this are the best to read as they provide you with both English and Portuguese translations. I’ve already learned so many new words and phrases which I try to incorporate in my conversations, (if and when appropiate of course) and I’m really looking forward to seeing my vocabulary broaden itself throughout my time here! .

…Stand by for my first 5 words of the day 🙂


First Five Words of the Day

Conceito: concept

O conceito do plano não era evidente.

Abençoado: blessed

A casa foi abençoada pelo padre.

Irrepreensível: impeccable

O peixe que eu comi ontem foi irrepreensível. 

Avassaladora: overwhelming

Movendo-se para Lisboa tem sido uma experiência avassaladora.

Ligação: connection

A ligacão do telefone não é muito bom aqui.


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